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The O55 team headed to Milton Keynes this year for a second year in the Premier Division. Unfortunately, there was no tournament hotel so players from across the country were scattered across different locations with no shared social event on Saturday night. 

Still, the team had fun competing in six very challenging games against Yorkshire (who won this year), Lancashire, Cheshire, Essex, Hertfordshire and Avon. With lots of international opposition, it was tough going, especially since the two promoted teams were stronger than those relegated last year (Surrey and Hampshire). Also, too many matches were lost in setting on the 3rd end. 

So Sussex ended a disappointing 7th out 7. After the triumphs of finishing 3rd last year, on a first visit to the Premier division, it was a bit of a let-down. Still, everybody won at least one rubber and next year we can look forward to a more social and relaxed weekend back in Division 1.

Colin Hayhurst (Captain)