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We had the most amount of play ever for any ICC, having 4 counties to play and playing them twice, so we had the opportunity to get better against them.  The counties were Hampshire (drew both), Dorset,(drew one, won one) Isle of Wight (won both) and Wiltshire (Drew both times), with Hants and Wiltshire being the ones we drew with as they were the strongest.

We ended up coming second to Hampshire, with them having 12 points to our 11.  It was a close run tournament and there were some great matches played.  The only negative in the whole weekend was that we were the first on both days and last off both days, which seems a little unfair.  It appears that they just reversed the order of who played who after the first day and left the timing the same.  It meant that if you were drawn to start at 11.00 on Saturday you also started at 11 on Sunday, but if like us you started at 9.00 you did so on the next day as well.

Marsham Court Hotel has had a bit of a makeover and now looks and feels 21st century, so that is definitely a bonus.  The food was as usual okay but uninspired, but the whole ambience of the place has improved massively.

All in all, a good weekend and definitely one of the best ICC in terms of match quantity and play.

Lynn Levy (Captain)