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Three weeks after our amazing win at the ICC, the team with one change made our way from the snowy SE to Reading.  On arrival I was informed that one of my team had a knee injury but was willing to give it a go.  Unfortunately, he was only able to play two of his games thus giving the opposition a walkover in the 2nd Mixed.  We lost 4-5 to this team last year with them only having five players, so the possibilities of a better result were always going to be a challenge.

Swapping our 2nd & 3rd men made little difference as we lost all three Men’s Doubles games in straight sets.  Our ladies fared a little better by taking two games to three but only managing to win one of these.  The match now lost (1-6), all we had to play for was our dignity, and determination not to give any more points away.  Despite the intent, it proved too step a hill to climb as we lost the 1st Mixed and the 2nd already been given as a walkover, it was down to our championing Eastleigh pairing of Linda and Tony to retain their record.  They won the 1st end fairly comfortably and lost the 2nd to 19, but stuck their heels in for a comfortable 21-14, 3rd end.  Well done Linda & Tony.

With 50% of the team playing well and contributing to our score, it will be good to have a 100% input at the next and last match in March.  The final score was 2-7, coming away disheartened feeling like we should have done better.

William Brown (Captain)