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O45s Division Victory

The 2022/23 season for the Sussex O45s county team has been a huge success!
Winning all of their matches in the masters county challenge division 1B at Eastleigh taking maximum points to clinch the division!!

The team has brought home some fantastic wins to claim top position in the south and east division of the masters county championships winning all of their matches. This now claims a spot in the finals weekend taking place on the weekend of 22/23rd of April in Birmingham.

The core team this season has been Helen Milne, Mitsuyo Kondo, Jane Ashfold, Anna Prestwich, Chris Spice, Phil Troke, Ollie Smith & Zeyar Win.

A special mention to Rob Kay, Michelle Barnett, Ian Wootton, Meg Brackley, Val Trygstad & Cathy Bargh – who all had a vital role this season playing and winning their matches to help Sussex claim top spot in the division to everyone Involved.