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Malcolm Pratt

In memory of Malcolm Pratt – died 3rd June 2023 aged 88.

Malcolm made a major contribution to badminton in Sussex, especially junior badminton and umpiring.

Malcolm loved badminton and regularly played in the Eastbourne League for Rye and then Osborn Clubs. Malcolm became President of Sussex County Badminton Association in 2005, following the death of Tom Bowker. He remained President until 2012.  Malcolm was also Chairman of the Sussex Schools BA for 10 years, was the Schools representative on the county executive committee, he ran the Eastbourne Badminton Tournament for more than 20 years and he started the Triangular Team Junior Tournaments, affectionately known as ‘Chailey’ as that was where the matches were played.

Malcolm was an active member of the Badminton England Umpires Association from 1984 until his retirement in 2004. He was awarded an Associateship eventually retiring (again) in 2020.  Malcolm was passionate about his umpiring and he promoted officiating in Sussex and encouraged many Sussex players to become umpires.

Many county team players will remember Malcolm and his wife Bridget coming to watch home county matches. He would sort out a couple of chairs, settle themselves down with a picnic and enjoy the badminton. He was always pleased to see players who had come through the Schools system in action.  When they couldn’t get to matches I would post them the results from Inter County matches at Milton Keynes. He would then ring me to discuss how the players had performed.

Malcom taught mathematics at local schools, in particular Bexhill Grammar School (as it was than) but his remit was much more wide ranging, sport being his other passion. Malcom was also President of Bexhill cricket club.

Malcom very much believed in helping others and playing an active part in the community and was awarded an MBE for services to the community in Winchelsea having been the Town Clerk for a number of years.  His great love for Winchelsea is evident in the various books that he wrote about the town.  Bridget informed me that The Queen Mother had copies on her bookshelves (The Queen Mother had been Lord Warden of The Cinque Ports).

Malcolm was a true gentleman in its full sense and I was lucky to have known him.

Derek Webb


Sussex County Badminton Association

June 2023