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The 065s take the winners title after a close runners up last year.  With three matches under our belts this season and two lost, we were not anticipating such good results at this year’s tournament.  Last year we took an extra pair, which proved prudent as I tore a calf muscle on the first day.  We did not have the luxury this year, as two regular team players were away on a South Atlantic cruise.  With little flexibility in the format we stuck to the same pairings throughout, which proved to be a winning strategy. 

There was the usual good spirit and camaraderie so the attitude was very positive.  Our aim always was to beat the I.O.W and hopefully the team that ‘came down’.  The first match of the day was against Somerset and our ladies pair, Gill & Pam lost the first end but despite scraping back in the second, also lost the second end, 24-26.  Paul and I played the mens doubles and took both ends comfortably, leaving the decider to our mixed pair Linda and Tony.  A three setter with Sussex claiming the final end 21-13 for the match.

With this now out of the way we steamrollered on and took all the next three matches.  The last match of the day was against a combined Surrey/Bucks team where the scores did not count.  This was not going to affect our impetus or goal, so every game was played for a win.  In the men’s doubles we were down 20-18 in the second end, but clawed back to a 22-20 win. 

By Sunday most of the work had been done, so once the first match was won, we were home and dry.  The motivation and energy levels were slightly down on the second day (probably the wine from the night before), but we were determined not to let any game slip.  Saying that, Paul & I lost against Cornwall and our ladies not dropping a game, also beat Somerset on the ‘return’, with Linda and Tony sticking to the ‘mixed basics’ of hitting straight and the occasional ‘back from where it came from’ old chestnut, maintained their 100% record over the two days (P8 W8 L0). A fantastic performance from the team, and such a deserving result.