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Our last fixture of the season and second ‘home’ match at the new venue.  Comments were received from both sides again especially the lighting which for some reason is brighter at the back of the courts and right over the tramlines on two courts.

The day did not start well as there had been a court booking error which fortunately went in our favour as the opposition were running late due to weather and road conditions.  45 minutes late their first man appeared followed by a second ten minutes after. 

This was our winning ICC team, so much to prove.  This was always going to be a difficult match with several of the opposition being Open Tournament players including a National Champion. We decided to start with a men’s’ doubles to get the ball rolling. 15 minutes later, now one hour five minutes behind the rest of their team arrived-weary from a very long excursion. We commenced with the mixed doubles as two of our players had to get away early. 

We lost the men’s game followed by two three setters in the mixed, which unfortunately we just lost both third ends. The score was now 0-4.  With the other men’s and ladies’ doubles on we were once more looking at our ladies to save the day.  Losing the second men’s and the match it was down to the ladies.  Pam & Linda took their first outing two straight making the score 6-1.  Pam & Gill took the second one with a very close 22-20 in their second.  Linda & Gill then had an epic match with the score at 17-18 in the second end, intervention was needed by our impartial supporter, Valerie to confirm the score, which went on to a 30-28 loss to our pair. A hard fought third end and refusing to give way, they took the final end 21-16 making the final score of 3-6.  Well done ladies (again).

William Brown (Captain)